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The Power of Truth

Molly and Sara discuss the power of telling ourselves the truth. They pose the question “How can you and are you telling yourself the truth?”

Sometimes we tell ourselves things that are not true because we want the situation to look better than it actually does or we aren’t ready to face the truth that something isn’t working the way we want it to. We also hold back the truth because we are afraid of change. Change can be scary because we aren’t sure what the future will hold. Faith is a powerful tool to help work through that fear of change.

To begin down the path to telling ourselves the truth, we must set an intention that we want to know the truth. It is not an easy step to take. If we aren’t ready to set the intention to hear the truth, seek the truth, and know the truth, than truth telling will not be effective. However, if we are ready to tell the truth, it can lead us to a life full of connectedness and inner joy.

It’s not just about telling the truth to expose the fears, insecurities, weaknesses or flaws. We cannot truly grow from our weaknesses and turn them into strengths unless we are willing to tell the truth about everything, the good and the bad! Once we face all of our truths, then we can accept ourselves for where we are at and release what no longer serves.

We should all feel that we are worth telling the truth to ourselves. In that feeling of worth, we will find our growth and purpose. We all have value and we never know when our strengths may be needed to help others.

13:51- Molly discusses “soulfessions” and their meaning.


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