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The Kinetics of Our Soul Will Give Us Wings to Fly

In this final episode in the Living Fearlessly series, Molly and Sara talk about how this series and the entire podcast as a whole has helped them to realize that they are ready to live fearlessly in what they want to do in their solo journeys. They discuss what this podcast has meant to them, what gifts it has given them, and how it has helped them to learn and grow spiritually. They also talk about where they plan on going with their spiritual practices and business endeavors.

Molly and Sara discuss the meaning of their motto “Where the Kinetics of Your Soul Will Give You Wings to Fly.” They also explain the deeper purpose behind the journal exercises in the Soul Reflection Challenge.

Molly and Sara came to a great realization that they are capable of ending something in a positive way. They talk emotionally about how other experiences in their lives ended negatively and how that affected them.

Sara discusses her blog and Soul Builder Sessions. You can find out more info about Sara’s new endeavors and follow her blog at .

Molly discusses her new solo podcast “Soulfessions,” Soul Movement Coaching, her meditations, Vocal Coaching, and much more. You can find out more info about Molly’s new endeavors and subscribe to her new podcast at .  

Molly and Sara will continue to use the Butterfly Kinection website and social media platforms to post anything we are doing individually or together. You can follow Molly on Facebook and Instagram @ Tune in With Molly. You can follow Sara on Facebook and Instagram @ Waking Up Sara Marie and also join her Facebook group Dragon Warriors: Conquering the Fear and Anxiety Within.

This may be the end of the season for The Butterfly Kinection, but it is not the end of our journey with you. We hope you will join us as we embark on our solo endeavors and in any future series brought to you by the Butterfly Kinection. Many Blessings and thank you!


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