I Am Who I Am

Molly discusses what it really means to be yourself. She delves into what the phrase, “I Am Who I Am, take me or leave me” really means and offers insight into some ways we can continue to grow, and love and honor who we really are. Molly offers two possible…

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Just Say Thank You!

Molly and Sara discuss what occurs after you have felt the negative feelings. They explain how releasing negative emotions can allow you to experience positive emotions, be able to see blessings and feel joy in your life. 2:27- Molly offers a visualization to help release residual negative feelings. After releasing…

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Removing Judgement

Molly discusses judgement, how we judge ourselves, how we judge each other, and how that is affecting our ability to truly love ourselves and truly live an authentic life. Judgement starts immediately. Molly discusses how people can judge a child’s developmental milestones and parenting styles. We can create a disservice…

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