Soul Reflections The Mirror into Our Soul

Soul Reflections

Soul reflections are the mirror into our soul. By going within our soul, we can reflect on blocks or things that are holding us back in our soul growth. Then we can embrace those feelings and emotions that no longer serve us and let go of them. Embracing who we are and what we are capable of allows our true self to emerge. We all have an inner light just waiting to shine out into this world. Molly and Sara of The Butterfly Kinection have created tools such as meditations, journaling exercises, affirmations, inspirational quotes, videos, classes and prayers for you to utilize on your journey!

Affirmations and Quotes

…to encourage us all to live more authentically and be the truest version of ourselves.

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  • Honor Yourself
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  • Growth is the catalyst for life and challenge is the fuel for growth.
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"I Love You More" Class


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