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Removing Judgement

Molly discusses judgement, how we judge ourselves, how we judge each other, and how that is affecting our ability to truly love ourselves and truly live an authentic life.

Judgement starts immediately. Molly discusses how people can judge a child’s developmental milestones and parenting styles. We can create a disservice to our little ones if we are creating an environment where we are judging them on milestones that they might not be ready for yet.

3:45- Molly talks about her experiences raising premature twins who developed differently. She learned to have faith in the process and how to give her girls the support that they needed so they could develop at their own pace and as individuals.

We all learn when we are ready to learn and we do not all learn the same things at the same time. Our inner knowing knows when we are ready. When we are being pushed and judged and felt like we aren’t good enough, it can stop or alter our progress.

Often times we judge others because it is really something we are judging within ourselves. If we can weed through the endless amount of doors within us, we will find the door to our inner truth and the door to our inner knowing. Then we can know ourselves so deeply, that judgement no longer affects us.

If we spend less time judging ourselves and more time honoring ourselves then we are able to give love and support to others.

As we begin removing judgement, we start to see ourselves for what we are capable of and we start to see others for what they are capable of.

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