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Releasing Others to Embrace Yourself

Molly and Sara discuss how putting ourselves first and taking care of ourselves can change the dynamics of the relationships in our lives. As we start to put ourselves first, we may need to learn to let go of others because it is what is best for us. Molly and Sara offer their own experiences and some tools to help shift our perspective on releasing others to embrace ourselves.

People pleasing is one example of an unhealthy relationship. When we people please, we neglect ourselves and worry only about others needs. Molly and Sara share their different experiences of people pleasing and what they have learned.

Ultimately, we are in charge of who we are and we get to love ourselves for it. If we cannot look in the mirror and like who we see, then it is time to make a change. We need to work on ourselves and decide what we want in life and what makes us happy and joyful. Sometimes we have to let people go who don’t like or agree with the changes we are making. Then we can find people that can lift us up and support us in our journey.

Letting go of a relationship may mean accepting that the relationship we want to have and the way the relationship is, is not the same thing. We have the right to choose how we want the relationships in your life to look. By letting them go, they may come back to us in a beautiful and different ways. Some may not come back at all and others might surprise us.

We also have to make sure as we are releasing relationships in the way they aren’t working, we remember to give the person the opportunity to have a say in how the relationship will look. And, we should allow them to see us for who we really are. Doing this may influence and encourage them to make their own changes.

Setting boundaries with people is important. We teach others how to treat us. If we allow others to take advantage of us, they will continue to do it unless we learn to say no. Some people will be able to adapt to the boundaries and some may walk away.

“You are the most important person in your life. What other people think and believe and expect from you is not the most important thing. You have to be willing to let go of their thoughts and opinions of your choices.”

We all deserve to give love to others and we deserve to be loved. However, we cannot be our best self for others and we cannot grow in our relationships if we are not taking care of ourselves first. By releasing others to embrace yourself, you are taking a huge step in your soul growth.

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