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Releasing Guilt

Molly and Sara discuss in depth about how to handle any guilt that may arise as we begin to put ourselves first and release relationships in the way we knew them to be.

We may feel guilty because of the way the relationship is changing, or we may feel guilty about how the other person is feeling in the relationship change. We may also feel guilty because of expectations we put on ourselves or expectations others put on us.

Molly and Sara discuss some of the reasons why we feel guilty and give examples of  how guilt may occur. It is important to remember that if we can dig deep and find out where the guilt is coming from and why we are feeling it, we can take steps to begin to release it.

7:38- Sara offers a visualization on how to begin to release guilt.

Molly talks about how guilt can be created internally without the expectations of others. She talks about how we can put unrealistic expectations on ourselves due to values instilled in us as a child. Our environment plays a massive role on the expectations we put ourselves. The guilt comes from not meeting the expectations.

We need go within to forgive ourselves for the guilt we are feeling. We also have to release that expectation and feeling of guilt that we are carrying before we can even start to release the guilt that we feel that we’re getting and receiving outwardly from others.

11:38-Sara offers an exercise to create positive word armor in your life. See our journal exercise for “Releasing Guilt” for more information.  

We need to set boundaries and own our own truth. We need to give ourselves permission to release others expectations! We do not own other people’s thoughts and ideas of us. Those people may be reflecting their own guilt or expectations of themselves on the people closest to them.

Molly and Sara give specific steps to help release guilt.

  1. Recognize it
  2. Feel it
  3. Release it
  4. Tell yourself: I am enough and I am my own truth

18:37- Molly’s shares a mantra. It will be included with this week’s journal exercise.

Embrace, feel and believe that guilt has no place in our hearts and minds. We are worthy of so much more.

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