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Rebirth of Movement

Welcome to the first podcast of The Butterfly Kinection! Join Sara and Molly as they share how their journey to spiritual enlightenment began, the meaning behind the name The Butterfly Kinection, and a rebirth of movement that got them to this point.

Sara and Molly share how they first met in college as music majors and the life experiences that allowed their friendship to grow. Their connection to music and performing together created a deeper soul connection and allowed them to then find their connection to Spirit.

They will take you on their journey that lead to discovering their gifts of mediumship, channeling, and connecting to Source.

7:42 – “Spirit was so amazing to us in showing us all of the things that we could do, and see, and feel to help not only ourselves but other people.”

Molly and Sara share how you can set an intention to create movement in your life, and how Spirit will help by giving you signs. Part of rebirth is realizing and understanding that the answers are there. All you need to do is ask the right questions.Then you will be able to find your kinection.

11:11 Listen as they share the importance of “Kinection,” how movement is all around us and how you can find your joy or discover it again. Their mission is to create a community of like-minded awakeners and a place where we can all come together and raise the vibration of the world.

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