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Pave the Way Every Day

Molly and Sara discuss what can we do on a daily basis to gain self enlightenment, continue soul growth and stay truest to who we really are.

Molly and Sara discuss setting an intention from the moment you wake up in the morning of what you will choose to do for YOU that day. Set intention for the day could be self care, meditation, staying positive, saying thank you or speaking up for yourself.

Everything we do should have some benefit for our soul. Reflecting on things to help us start off our day in a more positive, joyous way can make such an impact on the rest of the day.

Having technology readily available can cause us forget about our everyday living.

To help us follow with our intentions every day we need to hold ourselves accountable. Molly and Sara give several examples of things we can do to pave the way:

  1. Set an alarm on our phone to remind us to do something for ourselves
  2. Get an accountability partner
  3. Eat foods that nourish our bodies and our souls
  4. Drink enough water

To pave the way every day is to put ourselves first and live every day to its fullest for the benefit of our soul growth and nourishment.

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