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Living from the Heart Center

Molly and Sara discuss how living from the heart center can enable us to live our lives with love, compassion, and joy and send it out to the universe.

2:48- Sara offers a visualization to help us get out of our mind and into our heart center.

When we can find ourselves living in our heart, we can start to view the world, other people and ourselves differently. The beating heart within us is our connection to each other, to Source and to our soul.

If we can view life through love, we can send it out to the world and in doing so, feel happiness and joy.

Molly gives some suggestions of things we can do to love ourselves more:

  1. Coming to a situation in a loving way.
  2. Loving ourselves so much that we can see the bigger picture.
  3. Self-care, Ex: meditate, honoring our body, sound healing, reiki, playing instrument
  4. Show the world our hearts and who we truly are without fear of judgement or fear we will not be loved by others.

“The more we honor ourselves, the more we can truly be our authentic selves.”

If we all lived in our hearts, we would have the capability of showing compassion, no judgement, and empathy.

Our love can help affect the world through our daily small interactions. Love is as powerful as we want it to be if we believe in it. And with love, there is no room for pride, greed, anger, fear, self doubt, or self pity.

Living from the heart center is what is most needed in our world right now and by supporting and loving one another, we can lift the vibration of each other and in fact change the world.

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