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Living Fearlessly-Motivation

This is the first episode in Molly and Sara’s new podcast series Living Fearlessly. Each week, they will dive deeper into the things that we can all do to live fearlessly for ourselves and our soul growth. This week, Molly and Sara discuss what we can do to keep ourselves motivated with the goals we have set for the new year, and how motivation can help us to live fearlessly.

It’s more than just getting motivated physically. It is about balancing the mind, body and spirit. When we are in balance we can find a state of peace, joy and motivation.

Molly gives some examples of things we can do to stay on track when goal setting for the new year. Part of motivation is being able to pick ourselves back up and get back into the routines that have quality and value for us. We must remember that goals may change as the year goes on and we must allow that to happen.

6:02- Sara gives a visualization to help us tap in and set some goals if we haven’t set any yet.

8:39-Molly adds to Sara’s visualization with ideas on how to reflect on the previous year to help create goals.

Motivation is a mindset. We already know what we need, we just need to put those needs first.  It’s about making up our minds to do something and then actually follow through with it by making a plan.

Molly talks about feeding and fueling our souls. We need to make sure we are giving it what it needs to stay motivated, stay on track and continue to grow. If we are feeding our soul, we will have the motivation needed to do all of the things we want to do.

Molly and Sara go in depth about why we all need to live fearlessly. Living fearlessly is doing what we want to do in life, and by doing it, we are not allowing other people’s thoughts and opinions to creep in.

Living fearlessly is about believing in ourselves, trusting ourselves, trusting the process, having faith, knowing and manifesting anything we want.

“Motivate yourself and go out and live fearlessly.”

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