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Live Awakened

Molly and Sara take us back to when their spiritual awakening began and give an in depth look at the soul growth and process that brought them to be able to live awakened.

1:26-Sara shares her experiences of realizing her spiritual gifts and becoming awakened after leaving her public school teaching job.

3:23-Molly shares her experiences from her childhood and how she had an inner knowing that God put her here for a reason despite her environment growing up. She talks about her college experience her spiritual gifts, and how she healed from painful events so she could further become spiritually awakened.

8:58-Sara then digs deeper into her past and shares memories of being awakened as a child. She talks about her desire to help others, her connection to music and how that helped her to cope with feeling alone and different. She talks about her intuitive abilities and about her soul yearning of knowing she was meant for bigger things. Being an empath and struggling with anxiety have also played a part in her soul growth and awakening.

Molly shares her deep connection to music. She talks about how music brought her and Sara together.

Our souls are always yearning for whatever it is we are meant to be doing in life. Becoming awakened isn’t just for a handful of people. We all have the ability to be awakened and to live a life connected to our souls. If we embrace everything we have gone through in life, be able to stand in that, work through that, and move forward, then we can be awake and live awakened.

We all have the right and deserve to feel joy and love. And we all have the right to feel as connected to ourselves and we can.

If we answer our soul’s call, and figure out what the yearning is, then we will find our connection and begin to live awakened.

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