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Just Say Thank You!

Molly and Sara discuss what occurs after you have felt the negative feelings. They explain how releasing negative emotions can allow you to experience positive emotions, be able to see blessings and feel joy in your life.

2:27- Molly offers a visualization to help release residual negative feelings.

After releasing negative emotions, we can truly experience joy, happiness, hope, and love. We are then ready to embrace new feelings, embrace the joy in life, and feel grateful for everything round us.

Working through and honoring our negative feelings more completely can allow us to experience happy feelings and create more balance. Eventually feeling our feelings can become the catalyst for our personal and spiritual growth instead of holding us back.

We have a choice to be positive or to be negative. But if we “just say thank you” with gratitude to the universe in a challenging situation, we are choosing to focus on the positive, recognize the hidden blessings, shift our energy, and find the joy.

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