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I Surrender

Molly and Sara discuss go in depth on how to surrender to a higher power and how to let go of what no longer serves us or holds us back in order to move forward.

If we let go of a situation, we can learn from it and grow. However, if we can get raveled up in it, we have difficulty being able to step back and surrender to what we are supposed to be learning in the situation. By surrendering, we can look at our life from the outside of the glass looking in and pull ourselves out of your equation so we can see the bigger picture.

6:37-Sara lists several ways we can learn to surrender:

  1. Calm your mind (you cannot learn to surrender until you can pull yourself out of it)
  2. Look at the situation from the other person’s point of view. We can’t surrender to what is painful in that relationship if we can’t see where the other person is at.
  3. Let go of preconceived notions of how things should look or should be

“Surrendering is about letting go of what you think should be, how you think it should be, how you think it should look, and release control.”

The universe will give back to us if we learn to surrender and let go control.

Then we can begin to understand and remember that it is all happening for whatever is best for us in that time. We must also believe that it is possible.

Surrender with love.

Surrender with trust

Surrender with faith.

Surrender with positivity

Surrender with peace.

13:27- Sara offers an empowering visualization exercise to help release and surrender.

When we are learning to surrender, we must embody and feel what surrendering feels like. There is a sense of peacefulness, inner knowing and trust that everything will work out. It is the ultimate knowing and a release of heaviness. Then we can truly see what the outcome really is meant to look like and see more clearly all of the things that did not make sense to us in those moments when we were trying to control them.

19:57-Sara gives a Mantra to help manifest surrendering.

“The more we start to surrender to situations, the easier it is to continue to surrender to situations. And the easier it becomes to surrender to situations, we will then be capable to just surrender to life and allow life to take its course in the way that we are meant to truly be living it.”

If we surrender with love and surrender with light, then we can trust and believe that the universe will always take care of us.

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