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I Am Who I Am

Molly discusses what it really means to be yourself. She delves into what the phrase, “I Am Who I Am, take me or leave me” really means and offers insight into some ways we can continue to grow, and love and honor who we really are.

Molly offers two possible meanings to the phrase “I am Who I am” and talks about the differences between the two:

  1. This is who I am, accept me for who I am. If you cannot accept me than walk away.
  2. This is who I am, this is who I plan to be. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem.

People are either unhappy with who they are and choose not to make a change or they are so comfortable in their own skin that what other people think doesn’t matter at all. We are all in different places with this. Molly gives suggestions on what we can do to really begin to find ourselves:

  1. Stand up for yourself if you are feeling disrespected.
  2. Honor yourself and your own thoughts and feelings. Don’t be afraid to communicate what you are feeling
  3. Come to know that you are a beautiful spirit and soul that has so much light and love to give

5:38- Molly gives an exercise to help us reflect within and discover what makes us who we are and allows us to identify what we would like to change.

She shares experiences on her growth in learning to be a good listener and honor other people’s thoughts and feelings while still honoring her own thoughts and feelings.

People should respect us for who we are. And, people cannot respect us if they are being disrespectful. If they say “take me or leave me,” they are not happy with who they are and don’t want to take the time to change it. Some people we must love from afar because they don’t believe in the light that exists in them. We have to do that to truly take care of ourselves.

Letting go of labels and judgement are also very important in learning to embrace who we are. We must set time aside for ourselves because we are worth it and deserve to love who we are. We are all human and works in progress.

“If we continue to love ourselves and continue to do the work, we will continue to feel more whole within ourselves.”

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