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Honoring the Dead

Molly and Sara discuss how we can honor our loved ones who have passed on a daily basis and on this special day of Halloween. They go in depth about their personal perspectives on the afterlife and discuss the importance of fostering and encouraging our children’s curiosity and understanding of death and the afterlife.

Sara mentions some different ways in which we honor our dead in our own way and how our culture can play a role in that.

Molly poses the question: Do you believe in an afterlife? She describes her thoughts on the afterlife.

When someone we love passes on, we all draw comfort and grieve in our own way.  

Our loved ones may send us symbols and signs to let us know they are ok. We can honor our loved ones in so many ways through our memories and through the feelings we get that are evoked when we think about them.

Memories are an important part of honoring the dead. When we make memories with others, those memories last forever. The essence of all holidays should be centered around making memories with the people in your life that are important to you. The memories are what stay with you.

Time-? Sara shares a story of just recently losing someone important to her and how she has honored that person in death.

Memories become the legacy of that person’s life. How our loved ones lived allow us to honor them by living in their example. Sara goes in depth about how we create a legacy.

Molly shares her perspective of what it looks like when person passes over and how to talk to children about death in a way that is not scary. She talks about experiences with the spirit of her mother in law experience and the recent passing of her grandmother.

Molly and Sara tell stories of conversations they have had with their children about death and the afterlife.

Children want to have a deeper knowing and understanding of how life and death works and they have more knowledge of the afterlife than we may think. They are special beings who can teach us a lot about honoring the dead, talking to Spirits and how the afterlife works.

People who have passed know that you are honoring them. Take the time out today and every day to remember, to speak of, and honor our loved ones who have passed.

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