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Healing Your Broken Heart

Molly talks about how we can begin to heal our broken hearts. Our hearts may have become broken due to painful experiences we have had with people, situations and circumstances. She goes into detail about how those painful experiences and relationships actually help us to positively grow as people. By forgiving others and ourselves, we can begin to heal.

As we go things life, it starts to mold who we become as people. Some experiences are so painful and heartbreaking, that it’s hard to move past them. As we leave pieces of ourselves in those moments, we start to lose pieces of who we are.

2:50- Molly offers an wonderful exercise to help us to:

  • reflect on some painful experiences
  • learn to become fully honest with ourselves
  • really feel the emotions surrounding it
  • determine how those experiences changed us or molded us, and think of ways we can start to heal

Healing begins with forgiveness: forgiving ourselves and the other person. Then we must ask the question: “What did I learn from this experience or relationship?” Every relationship that we have with any person in our life has meaning to it and growth. We can all learn from every relationship we have with someone.

Not everybody is meant to stay in a relationship with each other. People may choose to grow or not grow and people can change. It may be hard to accept that a relationship is changing or ending. If we accept and honor people for where they are at and accept and honor where we are at, then we can change our perspective and ask “What went right? instead of “What went wrong?”  We can begin to understand that no one is at fault and all relationships have meaning and purpose to them.

Changing relationships are part of life and our path. Not everyone can walk with us for our entire journey. Sometimes we need to let them go or change the way in which the relationship looks so we can open the door for other people to come in and to allow us to grow.

Our souls always have an opportunity to grow and blossom if we allow that to happen. We shouldn’t allow people or things hold us back from where we are meant to be going. If we give ourselves permission to do what is best for ourselves, forgive ourselves, and accept others for where they are at, then we can begin to heal our broken heart.   

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