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Guide to Self Care

Molly and Sara discuss the importance of self care and the things we can do physically, emotionally, and spiritually to achieve self care.

1:00- “If we are not taking care of ourselves, then we do not take care of others quite as well as we could…”

When we start to take care of ourselves, the things that normally feel like stressors can become joyful again, such as our relationships with others. Having a balance and carving out time on a daily basis to take care of our physical body, our minds, and our spirit allows us to find our joy again.

Molly and Sara remind us that we are all important and are worth it. And, honoring our spiritual connection to Source is also an important part of self-care.

Molly and Sara offer a list of ways to take care of ourselves spiritually. At 17:26, they discuss how to clear our energy and our living space using a process called smudging. They offer a guide to smudging video on their website. At 22:02, they give a detailed example on how to ground yourself.

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