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Growing Our Belief System

Molly and Sara discuss how our belief systems can be helpful to us in our soul growth and how they can become a hindrance. Growing our belief system is about discovering the beliefs that resonate within our souls.

It can be really easy to be influenced by the belief systems of others. This may create a hindrance to soul growth if we take on beliefs that do not resonate within us. We must make sure we are honoring what feels to be true to us.

11:41- Molly shares a vision to help us learn to grow our belief systems and leave behind beliefs that do not resonate.

13:25- Sara shares how struggling with fears and insecurities can hinder our soul growth and our beliefs.

Once we begin to create and grow our belief system, then we can truly appreciate and respect other people’s beliefs. No beliefs are right or wrong. Each and every person is unique in what they believe. When we honor where we are at in our own beliefs, then we can honor where other people are in theirs too. Some people may try to impose their beliefs on us. We can have empathy and compassion for where other people are while still standing true in what we believe.

Our beliefs are ever-evolving and changing. By honoring that process, we are honoring our soul, and we are growing into the truest version of ourselves.

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