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Finding What Resonates

Molly and Sara are excited to share what they have been doing this summer. They talk about their inner reflective work and the importance of taking time to re-evaluate and enjoy the present. 

Sara talks about her new craft boutique, Sara’s Cup of Tea. She has rediscovered her love of crafting and is excited to share her beautiful crafts with the world. Her online shop will be coming soon to her Facebook page. Sara shared her wonderful week of bonding with her son this summer and how she is learning to live in the present more in her life. 

Molly shared her new podcast, SoulFessions, which released several months ago, and encourages everyone to listen. She has a new class, I Love You, More and meditations available on her website. Molly has been enjoying teaching more students voice lessons in a holistic way. She has loved spending quality time with her girls. 

Molly and Sara talk about putting focus and energy into things that are important, and find the things that resonate with your soul. It’s important to find things in our lives that bring joy. Happiness and joy also come from knowing what you are grateful for.

Whatever you choose to do in your life, make sure it resonates with you. It’s ok to let go of things that no longer resonate. 


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