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Finding Independence from Within

Molly and Sara talk about finding independence within ourselves. They discuss letting go of the stereotypes and the labels that we have put on ourselves and society has put on us and they discuss the things that we can do to feel connected and independent so that we can lead a life of happiness and joy.

Sara talks about letting go of labels and if we go within, the ultimate goal is finding inner peace. And inner peace cannot be found until we can find our independence, freedom, and our authentic selves.

2:40- Molly and Sara discuss that the first step to finding independence is by becoming more comfortable with going within ourselves.

  1. Quieting the mind (finding a quiet place to begin a meditation)
  2. Breathing for 1 minute
  3. Practice clearing our minds
  4. Facing our fears

They speak in depth about fears and anxieties and ways that we can begin to overcome our fears. Sara discusses that we can empower ourselves to go within, identify a fear, then look at it in the face and declare “you do not have control over me.”

Molly and Sara gives examples of fears they have. Molly goes more in depth about the fear of being wrong and that we all have value in what we have to bring to this world. Some of our biggest life lessons occur in situations where we are inaccurate and have the ability to embrace the opportunity to grow and learn something new.

The more in touch we become within ourselves and know who we are, the more independent we feel. We can be the examples of how to communicate with one another with honesty, trust, and integrity.

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