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Finding Hope in the Darkness (Honoring our Feelings)

Molly and Sara have a raw discussion about feelings and how it is important to be vulnerable and feel our feelings even if they are negative. They go in depth on ways to work through the feelings so that we can reach a greater perception of life and have forward movement.

6:55– Molly shares a vulnerable experience of having to put her feelings aside to support her micro-preemie twins as they fought for their lives in the NICU. She shares how she is dealing with the post traumatic stress of this experience 7 years later.

As we begin to honor our feelings and ask for help,the right people will come into our life to support us. If we don’t release theses horrible feelings, then we can’t really open our eyes to the beauty that is around us. We can’t really see the love and the joy and all the wonderful things.

13:20 Sara shares an emotional story of her mother’s illness. She reveals her struggle of feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders, as an only child, supporting her mother, but neglecting her own emotional needs.

Feeling emotions is part of taking care of our soul. Our souls blossom and grow the most when we are in situations that may feel traumatic or emotional. Sometimes it takes in those moments for us to find our faith again and connect to ourselves and Source.

We will find hope in the darkness if we honor our feelings and have faith in ourselves. We are worth the time and effort and the love it requires to let go of feelings that are holding us back.

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