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Embracing Your Gifts

Molly and Sara discuss how their gifts emerged and what they are doing to stay connected and honor themselves on a daily basis. Both share stories and experiences that happened as their gifts were developing Some examples of spiritual gifts discussed are: the four main “clairs”- clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance.  

Sara shares her experience of having anxiety, triggers that caused her anxiety, and how it affected her daily life. Learning that she was an empath helped her to understand why she had anxiety and what she could do to minimize it.

Molly and Sara describe what it’s like to be empathic and how you can discern between your feelings and other people’s energy.

9:40 They share an exercise for people who are empathic that can help you shield yourself before walking into a room with other people.

They talk about the importance of connecting with your Angels and Guides as your gifts open up, and the importance of letting go of fear. Then you can set the intention as to how you want to use your gifts.

As you raise your vibration, the doors will open for you to align with other higher vibrational people.

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