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Embracing Our Reality

Molly and Sara discuss embracing our reality by learning to see reality for what it really is instead of a reality we have created. They talk about how we need to be honest with ourselves, how to embrace the feelings that arise when coming to terms with our reality, and how to positively shift our perspective so we can have soul growth and joy in our lives.  

By hanging onto the thoughts and wishes of what we want things to be, look and feel, we lose sight of what things really look like. What if we could realize that the situations that occur and the things that happen in our lives are part of a bigger picture?

Molly and Sara give many great suggestions throughout this podcast on how to learn to embrace our reality:

  • You have to grieve what you thought things were going to be like and are no longer the same. Grieve what once was so you can embrace current reality.
  • Let situations be what they are without expectations. Try not to premeditate what will happen in a situation before you experience it. This can only lead to disappointment.
  • Come to relationships with an open mind and not a running list of expectations. Try to live in the moment and just be.
  • There is no such thing as a limitation. We are all on our own path with our own needs. We have to choose what is best for us.

Molly and Sara discuss their food allergies and food allergies of their children. When it comes to food allergies, it is easy to feel guilty because we think we gave our children a limitation. When in fact, it could be that our child has a limitation because we are the best people to support them in that.

Limitations are not really limitations at all, and they do not make us less than. They also don’t make us more or less important. It doesn’t define who we are as people or parents. There is a bigger purpose and a bigger reason why things happen, and we don’t have control over that.  

10:42- Molly gives stepwise process on learning to face reality:

  • Be honest and be willing to see the reality for what it is
  • Feel the feelings that arise
  • Shift your perspective

In order to see reality for what it really is, we have to be willing to let go. We have to be willing to live in the moment. We have to remove the ideas we create of how we think it should look before we are in the situation. By honoring our feelings and finding our inner strength we can begin to make changes that are best for us.  

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