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Dropping into the Heart

Molly and Sara discuss the importance of dropping into the heart. They go in depth on how to drop into the heart, how to learn to live in our heart, and how to make life decisions and choices by following our heart.

We often find ourselves living in our brains and overthinking things, instead of focusing on our feelings. By dropping into the heart we can tap into our feelings and learn to work through negative emotions such as sadness or anger. By acknowledging them and working through them, then we can start to feel the positive emotions.

Molly and Sara give several ideas and examples of how to drop into the heart. They will offer a visualization on how to drop into the heart in this week’s Soul Reflection Challenge. It will also be available as part of their upcoming class “Living from the Heart Center!”

In a situation where we need to make a decision, it is important to remember to pause, feel our heart, and visualize asking our heart what we should be doing. Our heart may give us an answer in several different ways, and how our body feels after we ask the question is important. When we make a decision that causes our body to feel ill, our heart is telling us that the decision does not resonate and that we aren’t honoring our feelings.

“If we allow our brains to be the only parts of our body to make the decision, then we aren’t letting our whole selves really decide and feel what resonates and what doesn’t resonate.”

Dropping into the heart is important because we need to honor ourselves and love who we are. Molly and Sara stress the importance of making it a daily practice to drop into your heart. As we learn to drop into our heart, we will heal our heart, our body, our mind, our soul, and our spirit.

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