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Dream Big to Be Big

Sara discusses why it is important for us to dream big for our spiritual growth, how dreaming big can help us to manifest what we want, and how dreaming big can help us learn to set an intention with belief rather than hope.

Dreaming big means knowing that we have abundance, believing that something can happen against all odds, and having the power to manifest anything we want. There will always be challenges along the way. Dreaming big also means relinquishing control of how we think that dream is going to occur or how the process is going to look on our path to get to that dream. But the end goal will be the same.

Saying that we hope something happens does not serve us when we are ready to bust out of our comfort zone into something amazing. There is power in manifestation. Sara explains the process of manifestation by giving an example of a comedian.

We often don’t dream big to be big because we don’t want to be disappointed or don’t believe in ourselves. But we all have the belief and power to shift our mindset and perspective. We can also ask for help by going to spiritual team and Source to ask for guidance. Spirit may show us signs or give us clues as way of reminding us to have faith.

12:07- Sara gives a visualization on how to manifest a dream.

Setting an intention and doing our visualization of our dream is our way of holding ourselves fully accountable for the dream we will create for ourselves. If we take the time to reflect inward we can find what brings us joy. Our light and essence will become big when we dream big. And all our fears and insecurities will begin to melt away.

We are the makers of our mind, heart and soul. We aren’t here just to go through the motions. We are here to grow and learn how to be our truest selves.

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