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Disconnect to Reconnect

Molly and Sara discuss the ways in which we can become more connected to ourselves and others and how to bring that to the forefront of our lives.

“Are we really connected or are we disconnected and don’t even know it?”

Electronic devices may give the appearance of connecting to others, however physically being around someone, speaking to them, and feeling their loving comforting energy is needed for us all to have a deeper connection in general.

When we are disconnected and speaking to others through our devices, we tend to misinterpret, make assumptions, judge, and fear confrontation because that physical and emotional connection is absent.

5:36- “ Part of spiritual growth is getting off the device, getting out of the lonely space that we have put ourselves in and just talking to people.”

If we do this ‘disconnect to reconnect,’ we can strengthen our relationships with others and with ourselves. Molly and Sara offer many ways for us all to reconnect to others and ourselves:

  1. Decide how important social media really is and try to keep a balance between being on devices and spending time with yourself and other people.
  2. Call someone who means alot to you and have a genuine phone conversation.
  3. Carve some time out for yourself (self-care)
  4. When you have experiences with people and yourself use all your senses- Feel, hear, see, smell.
  5. Take a break during the day to reconnect and focus on the “now.” (go for a walk, meditate, etc.)

13:04: “I think part of the reconnection to ourselves and to other people is being 100% completely aware, fully aware.”

When you start to connect with yourself and with others, you will then start to connect with your soul. That is the core of what we are trying to get to, our soul connection.

15:08- Credit to Cara Achterberg for “Just One Moment.”

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