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Connecting to Angels and Guides

Molly and Sara discuss how to connect with our Angels, Guides and Source. Connecting to Angels and Guides can look a bit different for each of us.

“Angels are waiting for you to acknowledge their presence. They are waiting for you to ask them for help when you need help. They are waiting for you to acknowledge them so they can help you.”

3:15- Sara talks about how she first connected with her Angels and Guides.

Molly and Sara give several examples of ways that we can connect to our Angels and Guides after we set the intention:

  1. We can ask for guidance and then hear them talking to us in our heads supporting us, guiding us and protecting us.
  2. We can ask for guidance by talking to them out loud.
  3. Angels can provide us what we need through the actions of other people in so many beautiful and different ways.
  4. (7:08) Angels come to us in dreams to give us messages, give us comfort, or help us to heal. We can ask to remember our dreams so we can write down what we experienced.
  5. (9:40) We can ask for guidance or healing through writing. Free writing is one way to write down messages and guidance that we are hearing from our Angels and Guides.

6:53- “Angels are a major support system for us whether we are aware of it or not.”

Our Angels and Guides don’t have to be or look a specific way. It is more about our “energetic knowing” of them and the essence of our belief in Source that is important. This support system is always there and it doesn’t need to be labeled in any way.

It is also about having faith and trusting in the Angels, Guides and Source. We might not see the bigger picture. “Faith is believing that there is a good reason why things fall into place or why things line up the way that they do.”

Having Angels, Guides and Source is a blessing. The way we connect and view their energy allows us to find our faith and spiritually grow.

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