Being Thankful

Molly and Sara discuss how we can incorporate what and who we are thankful for on a daily basis, beyond the holiday of Thanksgiving. We often seem to focus on what we are thankful for around Thanksgiving, but don’t make it a daily practice all year long. Our lives and…

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Honoring the Dead

Molly and Sara discuss how we can honor our loved ones who have passed on a daily basis and on this special day of Halloween. They go in depth about their personal perspectives on the afterlife and discuss the importance of fostering and encouraging our children’s curiosity and understanding of…

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Live Awakened

Molly and Sara take us back to when their spiritual awakening began and give an in depth look at the soul growth and process that brought them to be able to live awakened. 1:26-Sara shares her experiences of realizing her spiritual gifts and becoming awakened after leaving her public school…

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The Power of Truth

Molly and Sara discuss the power of telling ourselves the truth. They pose the question “How can you and are you telling yourself the truth?” Sometimes we tell ourselves things that are not true because we want the situation to look better than it actually does or we aren’t ready…

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