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Molly and Sara discuss blessings, where we find them throughout our day, in our life, and how important they are. The blessings they discuss are the tiny blessings that, if we aren’t looking for them, can go unnoticed. But once we begin to take care of ourselves, we can start to notice them more.

1:22- “As we take care of ourselves, then we can start to see the world for the beauty that it is. And then you can start to find the blessings.”

We are not at our best when we are worried, stressed, have fear and are disconnected with who we are and who we know we are. As we fully awaken and raise our vibration, we are able to see the blessings and signs Spirit gives to us.

Molly and Sara discuss several ways to raise our vibration including:

  1. Being willing to feel emotions fully
  2. Thinking more positively
  3. Taking time for yourself (self care)
  4. Noticing the blessings by changing our perception of what we see around us.

Seeing and knowing blessings exist allows us all to shine our inner light more brightly and become a light for this world.

12:33: “It’s about thinking about everything that happens NOT TO us, but FOR US in a positive way.”

13:18- “The biggest lessons I learned in life were when I fell down and figured out how to get back up again.”

We are ALL blessings to this world and this world needs our light to shine brightly.

15:30- Sara offers a Blessings prayer.

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