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Being Thankful

Molly and Sara discuss how we can incorporate what and who we are thankful for on a daily basis, beyond the holiday of Thanksgiving.

We often seem to focus on what we are thankful for around Thanksgiving, but don’t make it a daily practice all year long. Our lives and perspective could change in amazing ways if we can find a way to build in our thanks daily.

We also sometimes spend too much time focusing on the things that are going wrong or focus on what we wish for instead of taking the time being thankful for what we do have. If we start to change our perception and look at all the positive things going on instead of the negative, we can shift our entire outlook.

5:23-Molly and Sara discuss some ways to make thankfulness and gratefulness a daily practice. Sara suggests thinking of what we are thankful for in the morning before we start our day. Molly suggests reflecting on what and who we are thankful for in the evening after the day is done. What we put out into the universe is what we get back.

7:39-Sara talks about an exercise on how we can improve the relationships in our lives. She suggests that each of us think of three things that we are grateful for in our partner, family member or friend. We can appreciate others and are more grateful for what others do for us when we can acknowledge it outwardly on a daily basis. Relationships blossom when we can appreciate each other and think of the ways we are grateful.

12:38-Molly talks about creating a gratefulness vision board and how we can use one to improve our positive mindset and help attract positive energy to us. Gratefulness boards can be used as a reminder of what we are grateful for on the days we are not feeling positive or may be feeling alone.

Being thankful can also help to raise our own vibration and the vibration of everyone around us. The universe will take care of us if we choose to uplift others and treat others as we would like to be treated. Kindness goes further than anger and frustration.

It is also important not to forget to include ourselves in our gratefulness and be grateful and proud of who we are.

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