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Are You Your Own Rock?

Molly and Sara have a candid discussion about their own experiences of inner strength. They go in depth about how we need to support our own selves, be our own rock, and what that looks like. They pose some important questions such as: Do you support your own self? Are you lifting your own self up or are you looking to others to lift you up in times of need? Are You Your Own Rock?

Molly and Sara give very different individual perspectives on inner strength and being a rock.

2:19-Molly shares her story and insights of learning to be her own rock as a child and young adult.  

5:42-Sara shares her child story of not feeling strong or a rock for herself. She talks about being bullied, having low self esteem, and having to learn how to find an identity with no supportive backing.

If we are wanting to believe in ourselves and in the strength we possess within, there is someone in our lives who can support us. People who believe in us can teach us to believe in ourselves.  

Molly shares her realizations during her childhood experience. She continued to believe in herself and knew everything would be ok if she did the work with God’s help. She knew she was not alone.

Sara discusses different perspectives of being alone and the differences between being physically alone versus not having an identity.  

We aren’t really meant to fit in anywhere. We spend way too much time trying to fit in and be and act and feel like everyone else. We are unique, have our own belief systems, and are all gifted and special. Being a rock means believing that no matter what happens in life, we can pick ourselves back up again and keep moving forward. If we all take the time to honor ourselves, get to know ourselves, and believe in ourselves, then we can find our own identity. By finding our identity, we can then truly be a rock for ourselves.

Our identity is found by embracing who we are. It is not found by focusing on what everyone else wants us to be, thinks we should be, or what we think we should be for everyone else.

We all have something unique to give to this world. What we have to offer and say is meaningful and helpful to other people who need to hear about our experience and our story.

It’s important to realize that we are not alone and that we need to find the group of people who we want to surround us and who are willing to support and honor us. Then we won’t need others to be our rock. Instead those people can help us to see that we are the rock.

21:45-Molly recites a beautiful mantra.

“If you could take one step forward towards the person you want to be, you will step into your courage, you will step into your purpose and you will step into your strength.”


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